BeePresent allows event administrators in any setting to use free and low-cost rewards that can be tailored to their audience.  You know your audience best and we want you to decide on the reward you think motivates your users to ignore the buzzing.


To get you started we developed suggestions for rewards we feel work well, but you can create and use anything you'd like.  You can even ask your group for suggestions and put them in control of choosing something that personally motivates them. When you make the reward personal to your users you increase their motivation and participation.


  • Homework Pass

  • Eliminate a test question

  • Bonus points on a test

  • Sit in the teacher’s chair

  • Lunch with the teacher

  • Use your phone pass

  • Class Competitions with Totem or class reward for the class that earns the most coins.

  • Choose from a Reward bucket filled with low cost items such as:

    • Candy

    • Dollar Tree Items

    • Toys

    • Stickers

    • Fake Tattoos

    • Erasers

    • Pencils/Pens


  • Leave work early

  • Dress down day

  • After a year - one extra day vacation

  • Free lunch

  • VIP parking spot for the month

  • Free coffee

  • Gift card

  • Extended lunch or other break

  • Meeting Totem

  • Company items such coffee mugs or t-shirts


  • Remember to use BeePresent during many of these rewards to continue keep the competition alive, earn more coins and more importantly break the phone habit.

  • Family Totem - shows person winning on the leaderboard

  • Choose the meal for dinner at home

  • Choose the location for a family dinner out on the town

  • Choose a movie the family watches at home or at the theater

  • Choose the game to be played next time

  • Get out of chores

  • iTunes/Google Play or other gift cards

  • Later bedtimes

  • Extend the time family members may be using their devices

  • Sleepover with a friend

  • Playdate with a friend

  • Choice of next family adventure