Stogaheim LLC announces the launch of the BeePresent App

Lancaster, PA - June 11, 2018 - Stogaheim LLC officially launches the BeePresent app in the Apple iOS and Google Play stores. The app, created by Stephen Spealman and Adam Zurn, is designed to solve the problem of distracted smartphone users and to encourage being present in academic, professional or social situations.


As teachers with over 30 years of experience, Adam and Steve noted the growing and disturbing problem of distracted students in their classrooms. Since 2007 when the iPhone launched, the number of students with smartphones in the classroom has grown dramatically. In 2007, worldwide smartphone sales amounted to 122.32 Million units. In 2016 that number had grown to almost 1.5 Billion (source Statista).


While smartphones can allow for innovative new learning and collaborative experiences in the classroom, they can also create a constant source of distraction for students. Teachers today have a much harder time in the classroom instructing students as they must battle the constant allure and addictive nature of notifications, games, and social media applications. Early in development Adam and Steve realized that the dangers of people distracted by phones is not limited to the classroom. In fact, anyone who needs other people to be focused and taking part in activities could benefit from the BeePresent app.


The BeePresent app creates a fun and rewarding way for people to nullify the damaging effects of smartphone use in any situation. Rather than the traditional punitive approach to dealing with smartphone use the BeePresent app takes a positive approach. Use of the BeePresent app will improve group dynamics, productivity, creativity, and fun as people will learn to put down their phones, “Ignore the buzzing,” and be more focused on a consistent basis.


The BeePresent app works by having an individual create an event in the BeePresent app and encouraging users to join via an app issued code. Use of the BeePresent app is 100% optional and FREE for people joining an event. Even better is that coin rewards increase as more users participate in the event so encouraging more people to join fosters a team atmosphere in which everyone is engaged, working together, and increasing their coin earning.


When users receive a notification they will launch the app and screen lock their phones. The BeePresent app then tracks how much each user is on their phone, and awards coins for those using their phones the least. At the end of the event the BeePresent app generates a report that allows the event administrator to reward users in a manner of their choosing.


Stogaheim LLC feels that the BeePresent app will provide a revolutionary experience for classroom teachers and students, as well as anyone else who wants to create a fun environment that is free from the distractions of the modern smartphone. Over time everyone can learn to “Ignore the Buzzing!”


Don’t be the last to get stung by the #BeePresentApp craze. Click the link below to download.

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