free to use

Anyone can download the app and join an event for free and the more people that play the more coins they can earn.

track phone useage

BeePresent will give you a clear understanding of phone distractions in any setting. The more you use the app the more users will learn the benefit of putting away their phone to BeePresent. Studies have shown that eliminating distractions increases retention and productivity.  It will also help to decrease “phubbing” a recently coined term to describe situations in which someone is ignoring you by being on their phone.


After generating an event BeePresent will send you a notification to remind you and your users to launch the BeePresent app and then lock their phones. This insures that everyone is ready to BeePresent!


BeePresent is designed to be useful in any kind of situation from the boardroom to the classroom.

Organize Events

BeePresent allows you to create events that fit any setting. You can have one time events for those rare occasions such as a presentation or family game night, or repeating events for situations where you meet every day at the same time. Repeating events are ideal for use by educators in a classroom setting.


BeePresent turns ignoring your phone into a fun game where users can earn rewards. Rather than forcing people to put their phones away as a punitive action, you can encourage people to take part in a fun event where what you have going on as the administrator is the focus. See who can go the longest without using their phone!

admin reports

After every event, the administrator will receive a report summarizing how well people did ignoring their phones. This allows you to have discussions with users about how they are using their phones with clear data that precisely shows what they are doing.


BeePresent allows you to create a reward that best suits your audience. It’s entirely up to you to determine what the winner of your event wins for being the best at avoiding the distractions of their phone. Young or old, families or groups of professionals, corporations or schools, the rewards can be tailored to any individual or group.